If you're looking for kava near me or to find a kava bar near me, first you would like to find the most potent kava or the most euphoric kava. Finding kava people already love is what the kava reviews section is for. Find the best kava tea and go for it!
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Absolutely delicious

Smooth creamy tasting notes
Took about 30-40 minutes to kick in but when it did I was relaxed and happy 😃

Kadavu Island Kava | Single Cultivar | Damu | Fiji

Good Stuff

Very accurate description regarding how this kava doesn't cause any type of restlessness or anxiety inducing effects. Lots of kavas are causing me muscle discomfort (restlessness, etc.) but this kava had none of those effects which was pretty cool. Not a super strong sedating feeling but still nice and decent relaxation.

2 Kava Sample Pack

Excellent quality

This kava is fantastic, very potent. Has a nutty kind of flavor and within a minute or two I was feeling the relaxing effects. Kava from Art of Kava is a guaranteed high quality product.

So glad youre loving the kava Bruce and thank you for the kind words!

Solomon Islands

Excellent quality and professional delivery from the Art of Kava. I've tried a number of other vendors, and am sticking with Art of Kava!

Thank you so much for the kind words and being a loyal customer!! Very happy our kava is working well for you

Temotu Purple | Lateral Roots | Solomon Islands

Same good damn kava

Nice head high and nice euphoria for me, good taste and great potency.

Mind blowing

This kava gave me one of my favorite experiences so far.

Temo Purple Kava Single Cultivar | Solomon Islands



I feel great!

It's very good kava for relaxation. I received the purple lateral roots and melo melo. The lateral roots are good for day time with a nice heady and heavy mix and the melo melo is good for night time and replicating a more alcoholish feeling.

Temo Purple Lateral Root

This kava is awesome! It's well-worth waiting through the pre-order period if you are seeking a heady effect. The effects crept in slowly for me, and I definitely had a bit more than I needed the first session because of the delay, so have patience!

Haha oh yes it can do that for sure! So happy youre loving it and thank you!

Excellent Product!

Always Satisfied with Art of Kava’s products and customer service.

Thank you very much C.J.!

Love this heady stuff

My first time trying anything from this brand and I am pleased! This is perfect for daytime, positive mood, and ladies… pms… it’s THE CURE!! Absolutely no side effects at all. I personally like the taste. I do the blender method (blend x 4 minutes then let it sit before bagging) 3 tbsp per 8oz is perfect for me

You win at reviews Amanda!! Thank you so much for the kind words!

Great nighttime kava

I really enjoy this Kava at night. It really has a lively nutty taste and sedative effect.

Kava Strainer Bag
talaya sheriece
Strainer bag

I love the strainer bag for my single serving of Kava
Works perfectly!

Reverse tolerance

I think I I may be experiencing reverse tolerance, but I will not give up. I will continue to drink.


This is the first stain that made my lips numb and wow. I was afraid it was too hot coming out of the vitamix at 3 1/2 mins, but apparently not. I just mixed filtered water and about a teaspoon of tahini and nothing else before staining through bag. Very nice. Would absolutely buy again


My cousin and I had some of this and it hits you like a TRUCK! I got the best night of sleep in my life! Excellent experience - 10/10!

Heavy and smooth

The Qila Leka does not disappoint! This kava is wonderfully heavy without the undesirable edginess of some heavy kavas. The heaviness is a full body relaxation and a gentle sedation. Very nice!

I mixed up about 4tbs kava with a quart or more of water. This ended up being more kava than necessary, so I saved some for later.

The taste was very mild and smooth. Whereas some lower quality kavas have bitter or stale tastes, this offering from Art of Kava is creamy, a little spicy, and obviously very fresh.

Art of Kava is definitely going to be a go-to vendor from now on!

Good product

If your your looking for a light relaxant this is perfect, very subtle and is great for inducing sleep. The first hour is euphoric with a heavyness in the head, and slowly dispates into tiredness

Temotu Purple

The best!

Best I’ve had

This one is very nice. Strong. I like it a lot. I hope it’s not just a limited time.

2 Kava Sample Pack