If you're looking for kava near me or to find a kava bar near me, first you would like to find the most potent kava or the most euphoric kava. Finding kava people already love is what the kava reviews section is for. Find the best kava tea and go for it!
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Chai Spice
Very fragrant and flavorful

This chai spice mix adds a nice touch to any kava concoction. The cardamom and cinnamon contribute added warmth—great for this holiday season. Highly recommended!

Very Nice

Excellent Quality Kava. This cultivar is very balanced and really quiets your mind towards the tail end of the effects. My first time using Art of Kava and I am impressed!

Great stuff!

A stressful few months led me to seek out alternatives to pharmaceuticals or alcohol for a pleasant and relaxing evening. I found this site fairly easily and was very impressed both with the selection and the clear expertise on display with the product descriptions. I chose this Solomon Islands lateral root as I have never tried kava from this area before.

I gotta say this stuff is amazing. Extremely strong. The effects are different in subtle ways from Fijian or Vanuatuan, emphasis on mood regulation and elevation over somatic sensations (ime, everyone is different). It made the emotional “static” disappear entirely, and left me feeling incredibly centered and content.

Also nice, the taste was very mild and easy to drink. I tend to follow the traditional method of quickly pounding each glass versus sipping to enjoy, but I believe it would be possible to do so if one so desired. Not a bad flavor profile.

What was also nice was the sour stomach I tend to experience from kava beginning a few hours after drinking was absent. That was awesome as the excess acid production has been a primary reason I haven’t returned to the root much at all except every few years.

Basically this is great stuff, extremely cost effective, and I plan to keep my bag on the shelf for nights when I just need to unwind and get right with the universe.

Thank you so much for the kind words Jason!!!! Bula!

Kelai kava

I have quite enjoyed the kelai kava, I noticed a nice comfortable feeling while socializing without feeling drowsy like I get from some kavas. Thoroughly enjoyed and will purchase again.

Far exceeded my expectations

the Single Cultivar | Bir Kar Celebration | Espiritu Santo Island Kava Vanuatu
is amazing!! I can see why it was sold out the first couple times I looked for it!! I followed the instructions of 20oz to 4tsp and refrigerated it. I did well over a week ago and I’m just now remaking some!!

I was a little worried because it was balanced and I thought it might give me anxiety but it didn’t!! It was like a nice warm feeling washing over me and made me a bit talkative have happy!!

A little seems to go a long way with this stuff!! It’s great!!

So glad youre loving it Rachael and thanks for the great feedback!!

Great product

Bir Kar is probably my favorite kava. Super chill and almost immediate effects. This is my go to after a long day.

Puariki Kava Single Cultivar | Vanuatu | Rare

Thanks Conner! So glad youre loving the puariki kava!

Fiji Kava | Koro Island Kava

Best of everything

Best quality best customer service

First time

This was my first time in a while with Kava. Unfortunately I ran through it rather quickly expecting more out of it than I probably should have. Kava tends to have a ceiling effect, unlike alcohol. After a certain point negative effects begin to set in. One needs to learn to appreciate the subtle effects of a cup before pouring another, at least from my experience. Can't blame it on the kava though!

AoK through in a free straining bag for me, which I have been making much use of! Love the quick shipping time as well. Quality vendor :)!


This is definitely one of the best kava batches I've had. I'll be buying it again.

Great stuff

I'm not very experienced with kava, so I cant give super educated descriptions of this stuff or realy compare it to anything, but I agree with the description "dreamy", this kava just makes me feel very at ease, spacy, and spiritual all at the same time, it puts me in thus warm hum of a headspace that cools my anxiety, but lets me work through the things that have been bothering me, fully recommend.

Temotu Purple Wow

This kava is very special. I loved this on its own or mixed with a heavier kava. It’s great for daytime drinking with little sedation for me. This will go down as a top 3 Kava for me!!! Awesome product

Koro Kava

This is a Kava that is in a class of its own. It is very smooth and effects are phenomenal. This is one of those Kavas that you always want to have on hand!! Loved the grind as well. Will be buying more

Koro kava

This kava has a very unique flavor to it….different than the other ones. It’s also delicious!!
Nice dark, strong and heavy kava with great effects!!
Great find Art of Kava

Uplifting and relaxing!

Great kava with uplifting, relaxing and euphoric effects

Basal Root - Temo Purple Kava Single Cultivar | Solomon Islands

Fiji Kava | Koro Island Kava

Its good

Outstanding potent balanced kava. The laterals seem a little heady compared to the stump, which I also purchased. The stump or blend is my preference. This kava gets an A+.

Thanks James!

My favourite so far

I’m kind of new to kava, this was my first time with this vendor. Everything I’ve tried has been noticeably higher quality than other vendors, however the Kadavu is by far my favourite! It’s definitely a heavy kava with relaxing properties but for me it gives me a big mood lift and some euphoria, so basically everything I’m looking for in kava. I look forward to mixing it with the other strains that I ordered.

Thank you so much for the kind words Matthew!!


Simply put this is excellent kava, smooth and tasty.

Thank you so much Seth!

2 Kava Sample Pack
Lindsay LeBlanc

New to kava. Very mellow experience. Would try again


Best kava I have done so far keep up the good work!

Thank you Robert!

New Kava Sample Pack


My favorite so far! Relaxing and euphoric, leaves me feeling comfortable and a bit talkative. Absolutely perfect for weeknights after work or for socializing. Love it!