If you're looking for kava near me or to find a kava bar near me, first you would like to find the most potent kava or the most euphoric kava. Finding kava people already love is what the kava reviews section is for. Find the best kava tea and go for it!
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Wow. What a calming vibration raiser

I am seriously so much calmer with this Kava. I am new to trying this, but to see how it takes an edge of discomfort away which is there most of the time and to feel the energy/peace/joy go up without working so hard for that, which I have over the years is a huge and unexpected effect. High quality product. I chose the heady sample. Quick delivery. I am grateful.

Good root

Potent smooth and balanced. For me it was on the heady side slightly

Deep Dark Damu

Fantastic heavy kava, in every sense. The kava itself is incredibly dense and the effects are muscle melting. I will be keeping this in rotation regularly.


Very balanced cultivar that leans heavy with mild euphoria. This is one you can keep drinking all night. Art of Kava has continually impressed me with the quality and quantity of their selections. Thanks again!

Wow oh wow !!

Wow some amazing kava again from the art of kava thanks so much Zack you are the man !
Thanks so much for getting kava here In jax and fast !!!

Thank you Luke! So glad youre loving the service and the kava!

Stronger taste then most kavas but didn’t really get the desired effects that I usually do! Just a overall sense of relaxation came but no body buzz

One of the best?

I'd have to say this is hands down one of my favorites. Super strong in my opinion. I get a slight numbness but not as much as some others that I've tried. Taste isn't that bad either. But I drink kratom daily so it's kinda hard for me to judge. Give it a try

It's pretty good

Kelai is very popular. It's not my fav but I enjoy mixing it with the other vanuatus. It's good for a head one and it does not cause anxiety

My new kava supplier. Full stop. Great stuff.

New Kava Sample Pack
Christopher oflyng

Staff is AmAzInG! Had a great experience and great quality product as expected!

Thank you so much Christopher!!!

I noticed a calming effect the first time I tried it. After that I didn’t notice a difference. I followed the instructions, and was really inspired by the other reviews. I’m not giving up yet, but I am a little disappointed.

Melo Melo

This One is my favorite! I see why they call it Melo Melo. Very relaxing & had Me in a great mood.

Temotu Purple

Temotu Purple was & Melo Melo was amazing Would definitely recommend it!

I have not received it

I have not received it yet

Decent Kava

Not my favorite, I prefer stronger kavas, this one for me was pretty light. Good body feeling after 2 glasses

Great Kava

This might be my new favorite kava. Very good stuff, heady and tasty. I just use water but I like how kava tastes in general. This one is very strong. (At least for me)

Bir Kar, the true champagne of kava

It's been said that Kelai is the champagne of kava, but I disagree - its Bir Kar. Kelai tastes like a mud puddle with a musty old sock floating in it. Bir Kar tastes like a mud puddle with almost no earthy aftertaste. I almost thought I noticed a hint of cinnamon. It starts off like kelai with the excited talkativeness followed by mellowness later. The perfect combination of feelings plus its the best tasting kava in the world hands down.

Favorite, relaxing and mellow.


Awesome! Very fine ground and light colored root. The effects were euphoric and uplifting for me. Very happy with this cultivar, thank you!

Chai Spice
Very fragrant and flavorful

This chai spice mix adds a nice touch to any kava concoction. The cardamom and cinnamon contribute added warmth—great for this holiday season. Highly recommended!

Very Nice

Excellent Quality Kava. This cultivar is very balanced and really quiets your mind towards the tail end of the effects. My first time using Art of Kava and I am impressed!

Great stuff!

A stressful few months led me to seek out alternatives to pharmaceuticals or alcohol for a pleasant and relaxing evening. I found this site fairly easily and was very impressed both with the selection and the clear expertise on display with the product descriptions. I chose this Solomon Islands lateral root as I have never tried kava from this area before.

I gotta say this stuff is amazing. Extremely strong. The effects are different in subtle ways from Fijian or Vanuatuan, emphasis on mood regulation and elevation over somatic sensations (ime, everyone is different). It made the emotional “static” disappear entirely, and left me feeling incredibly centered and content.

Also nice, the taste was very mild and easy to drink. I tend to follow the traditional method of quickly pounding each glass versus sipping to enjoy, but I believe it would be possible to do so if one so desired. Not a bad flavor profile.

What was also nice was the sour stomach I tend to experience from kava beginning a few hours after drinking was absent. That was awesome as the excess acid production has been a primary reason I haven’t returned to the root much at all except every few years.

Basically this is great stuff, extremely cost effective, and I plan to keep my bag on the shelf for nights when I just need to unwind and get right with the universe.

Thank you so much for the kind words Jason!!!! Bula!

Kelai kava

I have quite enjoyed the kelai kava, I noticed a nice comfortable feeling while socializing without feeling drowsy like I get from some kavas. Thoroughly enjoyed and will purchase again.