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Are you a blogger or have a massive following on social? Do you regularly talk about KAVA with your friends online? The ART OF KAVA Online Affiliate Program is an excellent opportunity to help you earn commissions while promoting ART OF KAVA products. By joining our affiliate program, you can start making a profit on every qualified sale you refer to It is a simple process, and the more customers you have purchase - the more you earn.

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How It Works

  1. Visitor clicks on your affiliate link
  2. The visitor's IP is logged, and a cookie is placed in their browser for tracking purposes
  3. The visitor browses our site and decides to purchase
  4. If the visitor completes their order (the order need not be placed during the same browser session—cookies and IPs are stored for 30 days), the order will be registered as a sale for you
  5. We review and approve the sale
  6. You receive 8% commission payouts (if your monthly balance is at least $100)

That's it! Send your kava buddies our way and we will send you money.

Rules and Requirements

  • All participants must submit a W9 to receive payment (International affiliates must provide us with a W8)
  • You may not post your link on any of ART OF KAVA controlled sites
  • Our logo CANNOT be used on t-shirts, patches or otherwise unless given approval from ART OF KAVA HQ
  • You may not bid on ART OF KAVA or ART OF KAVA related terms in Google Ad Words
  • To remain a part of the program, you will need to generate at least $1,000 in sales annually
★ Customer Reviews

What Our Customers Say

20 reviews
Smooth but Powerful

The effects are pretty top notch and the taste is smooth. I would describe this as balanced but leaning more towards heavy. It starts out a bit uplifting and then is much more relaxing after an hour or so. It's also one of the more interesting kavas i've tasted with a nice smooth smoky flavor. I think this would be my second favorite kava in the current lineup, and I would order it again if it became available regularly.

Locked on the couch

I had to wait for reverse tolerance to go away, but man did it hit me today!! I picked this up for a alternative to anxiety and stress. Feels like a warm blanket on me, pretty heavy with 4 tbsp. For first time with kava I really enjoy it!

Unique kava with pleasant feeling

This kava definitely makes you feel good and more at ease without making you feel like knocking out. I really enjoyed it.

Just sublime for me

Smooth and not starch heavy so its kneading pretty clean for me but still produces a nice milky bowl. Mellow taste and low nausea from 6 shells on an empty stomach. Effects are balanced as can be for me, begins to linger after shell 2 and i find my sessions with this prolonged because of that. Not to shabby.

Start my day off right

I'm very pleased with my new kava find. Great customer service too! Going to reorder more for sure. Hopefully it's still in stock. 2 giant heaping teaspoons and a good squeeze and I am good to go.