Collection: Solomon Island Kava

A collection of the best Solomon Islands kava available. The two main cultivars that come from Solomon Islands are Temotu "Temo" Purple and Feo

The Temotu Purple comes from the province of Temotu formerly known as Santa Cruz. It consists of a cluster of remote islands far to the southeast of Guadacanal. This is widely considered the best Solomon Islands kava.

The single cultivar called Feo is a widely grown Solomon Islands kava. The bulk of the feo we source comes from groups of small family farms in Santa Isabel island, Guadacana and Malaita. 

Temotu Purple kava is made with 70% lateral roots, also known as waka kava and 30% stump chips also known as lewena kava. The kava taste is very mellow but mouth numbing with the most euphoric effects available in the Solomon Islands.