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Great kava

This kava tasted great. Smooth finish and strong effect.

Bir Kar lateral roots

the last kava I had labeled Lateral Root was the temo, and it was extremely potent and just great overall

I went into the Bir Kar lateral root with high expectations.

As I noticed with the temo lateral roots, the bir kar was also a more coarse grind than usual for kava, requiring more effort, squeezing the bag in water, to get the good stuff out.

i tried it the normal way I'd usually do it, kneaded under water for about 10 minutes, or until the powder starts to feel sandy, instead of soapy.

The effects are hard to notice, i guess there's some anxiety relief, it's a little bit relaxing, but almost like it's not even the same thing as the temo, which blowed me away.

i had had an older batch of the regular Bir Kar from here, and i recall it being better than this.

So i put it in the spice grinder, made it finer, and gave it another try the following night.

same thing, very weak, i use a giant ball of kava to get mild effects.

This is saying nothing about the quality of ArtofKava as a vendor. They are easily my favorite source for Kava, and I absolutely adore the temo and kelai in particular, but this bir kar lateral roots disappointed me.

cant win every time. Going to pre-order some kelai right now

Dokobana Waka Kava Single Cultivar | Natewa Bay Fiji

2 Kava Sample Pack
Steven Mangione

2 Kava Sample Pack

2 Kava Sample Pack
Rebekah Wright
Interesting from a first timer

The flavor is a bit hard to get used to. Once I managed to get past reverse tolerance it was fun. But I used up a lot before I got there. Also instructions are to blend 4 TBS with 20 oz water but on the reverse of
The package it states a servings size as 3 TBS. did I do it wrong?

So glad you had fun with it! You didn't do it wrong. The serving size is a guideline. The directions are to make it a bit stronger than a serving. Then you can adjust up or down from there. It's your personal preference as to how much your normal serving is with each session.