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What is Kava

Kava is the cultural cornerstone plant of the Island Nations of the South Pacific. Islanders from Vanuatu, Fiji, Tonga, Samoa, Hawaii and Solomon have cultivated it for use for over a thousand years. Kava is a social beverage that is used as a ceremonial offering, traditional medicine and as a non-alcoholic relaxing drink. 


An Interactive Map of Kava bars in the USA

What is a kava bar? It is a third place where people can go to enjoy themselves in the afternoon and evening, without being pressured into having alcohol.Much like a cafe would be in the morning and lunch time. A kava bar is a non alcoholic bar that serves a kava drink, usually served in a coconut shell. They may also serve other botanicals, such as tea, herbal tea, kanna, cbd and more. 

A kava drink is unique in that it makes you more chilled out, more talkitive and a bit happier than you were before. There's no hangover to worry about the next morning, unlike a trip to a bar that serves alcohol. Often you'll also sleep better at night when you've had a few shells.

Below, you can find a kava bar near you using our interactive kava bar map. Whether you live in California, Florida or Idaho, you'll be able to find a kava bar close by. You'll see that Florida has over 75 kava bars, making it easily the capital of kava in the USA.

The sober movement in the United States is on the rise. Many folks are finding nakamals and at home nakamals great alcohol alternatives. These are great places to meet with friends, chill out, relax and de-stress from work or school.