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Simply amazing!

This kava is really smooth and relaxing. It is perfect for after a hard day of work and the quality is also very fresh!

Very good!

Excellent kava, would definitely buy again.

Wonderful end of day kava!

This is the best kava I've found for an evening-want a good night's rest & feel great tomorrow Best kava I've found for an evening-want a good night's rest & feel great tomorrow.

I've got about 2 dozen different kavas to choose from at home & find this one to be the one that I go to near bedtime. I only have had one other kava that even compares.

A nice vibrating cultivar that is sure to please

Was more than satisfied with this kava as a nice end of day treat. It's effects were very calming. As good as the Kava was the prompt and courteous help of the owner as he upgraded me to free two day shipping during the election. This is a model that more businesses need to adopt. Bula to Kava and kind vibes!

Yes, this really is a 5-Star Kava

I know you're probably accustomed to only seeing 5-star rated kavas on vendor's sites, thinking "yeah right".

This one deserves it.

The vendor has obviously taken great care in selecting the best kavas to carry, as evidenced by the fact that they only have two at the moment. I've seen so many vendors hit the market with a menu list a mile long. What this says to me is that this vendor is focused on the quality of few instead of the acquiring of many. Integrity isn't cheap, but it shines brightly.

Prep: 40g traditional prep w/ 400ml of water.

Brew: Dark, thin, less starchy. Physically easy to drink.

Effects: Balanced (high kavain), but heavy leaning (more sedative) Fijian kava. Really a pleasant chemotype for ending the day or slapping yourself to sleep with it's strength.

Overall: This is a fantastic kava. I'm definitely going to be keeping this in the ranks among some of my favorites. Keep up the excellent work, Art of Kava. So far they really have been art.