About Us

Zac Holzapfel

Rooted in a genuine passion for cultural discovery, Art of Kava aims to elevate your social and sensory experience through the time-honored elixir of Kava. Co-founders Zac and Nicole Holzapfel have seamlessly blended Zac's previous tea venture, Yum Cha, initiated in 2016, with their collective infatuation for this ancient beverage.

Zac first encountered Kava while working as an accountant at GORUCK, an online rucking gear company. A colleague's introduction to the beverage in 2016 sparked not merely an intrigue, but an abiding passion that simmered quietly, awaiting the perfect moment to come to fruition.

By late 2019, leveraging his extensive expertise in sourcing fine teas, Zac was ready to dive deeper into the diverse realm of Kava cultivars. He soon discovered that the search for exceptional Kava was a voyage through uncharted waters. Zac became enthralled by the nuanced alterations in kavalactone profiles, learning that varying cultivation practices across different islands imparted unique relaxing effects—ranging from social conviviality to a deeply tranquil state of mind.

Recognizing a burgeoning community of aficionados with a predilection for single-cultivar Kavas—like the prestigious Kelai Kava of Epi Island in Vanuatu—Zac saw an unmet need. These connoisseurs sought a brand embodying quality, potency, and transparency.

This realization prompted the development of strong relationships with indigenous farmers, learning the intricacies of their ancestral cultivation methods, and acquiring small-batch, premium Kava cultivars. The journey has been fraught with challenges, but each obstacle has only steeled their commitment to deliver an unparalleled Kava experience.

Today, Art of Kava stands as a living tribute to Zac and Nicole's unwavering dedication to quality and authenticity. Each serving brings you more than just a cup of Kava; it offers a step closer to the peaceful traditions of the Pacific Islands. Through Art of Kava, Zac and Nicole extend an invitation not merely to taste a beverage, but to partake in a journey—one steeped in serenity, community, and rich cultural heritage.