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Art of Kava

2 Kava Sample Pack

2 Kava Sample Pack

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Our 2 Kava Sample Pack gives you two varieties of kava root.

This Sample Pack gives you the chance to experience the effects of different kava root powder varieties while not spending a lot.

Choose this Pack if you like to experiment and want to try kavas from different Pacific Islands and growers. We list each of our growers bios in the product descriptions. It's our goal to promote these farmers and grow their brand as well as ours.

You choose which two kava's you would like to try. Choices below:

4 oz Koro Island Kava - Fiji: Very smooth and typically our most potent kava. Effects will vary by batch. See product listing for tasting notes

4 oz Taveuni Island Kava - Single Cultivar Loa Leka - Fiji: A very smooth and very potent kava. See product listing for tasting notes

4oz Kadavu Island Kava - Fiji: Smooth, potent and leans heavy. See product listing for tasting notes.

4oz Natewa Bay - Single Cultivar Dokobana: Well balanced, smooth and delicious. Great daytime kava.

 4 oz Bir Kar Single Cultivar Vanuatu Kava: A very smooth and very potent balanced kava. See product listing for tasting notes

4oz Kelai Single Cultivar Vanuatu Kava: Smooth, potent and leans heady. See product listing for tasting notes.

4oz Solomon Island Temotu Purple: Euphoric heavy kava. Great for destressing and antianxiety. See product listing for tasting notes.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Daliah S
Wow. What a calming vibration raiser

I am seriously so much calmer with this Kava. I am new to trying this, but to see how it takes an edge of discomfort away which is there most of the time and to feel the energy/peace/joy go up without working so hard for that, which I have over the years is a huge and unexpected effect. High quality product. I chose the heady sample. Quick delivery. I am grateful.


I noticed a calming effect the first time I tried it. After that I didn’t notice a difference. I followed the instructions, and was really inspired by the other reviews. I’m not giving up yet, but I am a little disappointed.

Lindsay LeBlanc

New to kava. Very mellow experience. Would try again

Tom Gould

2 Kava Sample Pack


Always a great pack for sampling the best!