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Dokobana Waka Kava Single Cultivar | Natewa Bay Fiji

Dokobana Waka Kava Single Cultivar | Natewa Bay Fiji

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Batch: 1

Tasting Notes: Balanced

Prep: 32g kava in 20ounces of water. Blend for 4 minutes in blender, strain and drink.

The smell of the powder is nutty and clean with a hint of pepper. Nice medium grind and a good color. Cup color looks like milk chocolate hot cocoa. The kava was very smooth.  Slight mouth numb and almost no pepper. Feeling: immediate response. Light face numb. Relaxed feeling but not intoxicated. Functional but like you are covered by a warm blanket. Good social kava. Effect lasted about 2 hours. It provides the smoothness, quality and effects we are looking for to complement our selection.

 About this Kava:

We sourced this 100% Noble  single cultivar waka kava from Natewa Bay in Fiji. This high quality noble Kava is selected from plants at least 5 years in age that have been organically grown.

The Fijian WAKA (100% Lateral Root) Kava powder, is derived from the smaller roots that extend from the main root-stock. These roots are higher in Kavalactones.


Batch 1 CHEMOTYPE: 425361


About the Farmer:

Our kava farmers are the Narayan family. They own a sprawling kava plantation in Natewa bay that consists of 3 separate farms  on the Wainimata Mountains. They traverse a jungle by truck over 2000ft in elevation to the first farm to harvest fresh kava. Their other two locations are not available by vehicle so they have to go on foot 30 minutes to each location with wheel barrows to bring what they need back to the truck at the first farm. This is a very labor intensive project they have taken on , but the Narayan family is intent on being some of the first Fijians to consistently provide single cultivar kavas. 


Made as single serving: 32g in 20oz water. Blended for 4 min, strained. 

Made by the gallon: 100 to 130g. 1 gallon of room temperature water in a large bowl, bucket or a traditional tanoa bowl. Add water to the vessel. Add kava to a nut bag or cheese cloth and dip the bag into the water. Massage for about 15 to 20 minutes or until you've reached your desired potency. This will yield a much weaker kava for the purpose of sharing multiple cups with friends in longer sessions. Serve in coconut shells, glasses or store in a gallon jug chilled. Shake jug before serving. 

Note: Add 20% of the gallon of water or 4oz in your single serving of 20oz as coconut milk for a tastier end result.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Good root

Potent smooth and balanced. For me it was on the heady side slightly

Alex Dennison
Amazing Kava

The effect of this Kava is absolutely great. I love the taste of Kava, and I will say, this one is not the best in that department, I like a more "oily" taste if you will, but the effects are so good it does not matter. Perfect for sipping on when you're trying to chill out at night in place of a beer. Effects had lasted at least 2 hours. I will for sure be buying more of this.

The only reason I'm giving 4 out of 5 is because of the taste, but a lot of people do not enjoy the taste anyway so if that's not your thing, the effect makes it a 5 out of 5 for sure.

Hey Alex, So glad you loved the Dokobana! Fijian waka hits a bit differently than solomons or vanuatu kava for sure. Thanks for the tasting notes as well! That helps our customers discover different kavas to try for sure.


Really mild and enjoyable kava! Not so heavy but still able to enjoy all the mental benefits kava brings!

Steven Mangione

Dokobana Waka Kava Single Cultivar | Natewa Bay Fiji

Dominic Duynstee
Dokobana waka

Starting to realize I much prefer the cultivars that keep their basal and lateral roots at the natural levels (I guess that's 75/25 on average). Nevertheless this is a very high quality kava and the only reason I don't give it a 5 star is for the reason that it is only Waka. I also prefer Vanuatu kava to that of Fijian. Bula!