Collection: Sample Collection

1. Fiji Kava | Koro Island Kava Single Cultivar

This premium Kava is sourced from the island of Koro in Fiji, known for its noble WAKA (100% Lateral Root) Kava powder. This particular variety is derived from the smaller roots of the plant, which are rich in kavalactones, offering a distinctive potency and a smooth experience. Grown organically, the plants are at least 5 years old, ensuring a high-quality batch each time. You might experience a mild mouth numbness upon tasting, with the effects setting in around two hours later, suggesting a heavier lean than other batches. Every batch is unique, hand-picked, harvested, and immediately shipped in small quantities, maintaining freshness and distinct characteristics. We encourage you to share your experience and if the first try doesn't satisfy you, remember that Kava has a reverse tolerance, so give it another go!

2. 2 Kava Sample Pack

Designed for those who enjoy experimenting with different varieties, our 2 Kava Sample Pack offers a selection of 4oz. kavas from various Pacific Islands. Each pack includes two varieties, allowing you to explore the distinct tastes and effects of each. The sample pack includes options like Koro Island Kava and Taveuni Island Kava from Fiji, both known for their smoothness and potency, and several others from Vanuatu and Solomon Islands, each with unique characteristics. This pack is perfect for those new to kava or connoisseurs looking to expand their palate.

This collection aims to provide a broad spectrum of kava experiences. We take pride in sourcing directly from growers, ensuring quality and supporting local communities, and we look forward to your reviews and continued exploration of kava culture.