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Kava Spotlight: Koro Island Kava

Written by: Kalah Garcia


  • Koro Island Kava is a unique and exclusive product Sourced directly from the remote island of Koro in Fiji. 
  • These plants, which are at least 5 years old and grown organically, make this kava. 
  • We carefully pick it and give it a special profile that makes it relaxing and heavy on the body.
  • At Art of Kava, we have a good relationship with the Koro Island community. We get our kava ethically and help the islanders.
  • Choose Koro Island Kava for quality and support the strong and beautiful Koro Island community.
  • Natural Mental Wellness Solution: Addresses social anxiety, modern-day stress, and sleep concerns, presenting a healthier alternative to alcohol for relaxation.

Today, at Art of Kava, we wanted to take a moment to honor and spotlight one of our noble kavas - Koro Island Kava. Koro is a remote island located about 83 miles or a 12 hour boat ride northeast from Fiji. Our friends who live on this beautiful island produce an amazing product that they are generously sharing with the world.

Koro Kava: Tasting Notes

The Koro Kava experience is one of unmatched delight and elegance. Unlike its counterparts, the flavor of Koro Kava is smooth, sophisticated, and gentle on the palate. But it's in the realm of effects where Koro Kava truly establishes its dominance. After savoring its taste, it envelops you with its profound heaviness.

A soothing, grounding sensation takes precedence, allowing you to sink into a state of serene relaxation. In this peaceful atmosphere, there are sometimes exciting moments that bring a lively feeling, making sure you feel calm yet engaged.

Ideal for those seeking deep tranquility punctuated by moments of clarity, Koro Kava is the essence of balanced relaxation. The perfect combination of heady and heavy kava. It's a perfect companion for reflective evenings, inviting introspection while ensuring you remain connected to the world around you. Koro Kava is a special blend with depth and spirit that stands out among other kava blends.

Unlocking Mindful Tranquility with Kava

 Beyond the unique physical relaxation properties of Koro Island Kava, it can offer profound benefits for mental health. In an increasingly bustling world, social anxiety has become a pressing concern for many. Kava has shown to be a beacon of hope for those grappling with this condition. Kava can calm the mind, reduce anxiety, and make social situations easier for people by boosting confidence.

Furthermore, in an age where stress is almost ubiquitous, we cannot understate the anti-anxiety capabilities of kava. Kava helps relax and calm anxious thoughts, providing a natural way to escape from life's daily stress.

For those struggling with sleep or seeking alternatives to traditional sleep aids, as a heavy kava, Koro Island Kava might be the answer. Its natural properties can help usher in a peaceful night's sleep, making it easier to both fall asleep and stay asleep. 

And in a society where many turn to alcohol to unwind, kava presents a compelling alternative. While alcohol might offer temporary relief, it often comes with a slew of negative side effects, both immediate and long-term. Kava is a safer alternative to alcohol, offering relaxation without hangovers or physical addiction.

Adding Koro Island Kava to your routine has several benefits. It can help you relax, sleep better, and have more fulfilling social experiences. Moreover, it does not have the drawbacks of alcohol.


A Unique and Exclusive Product: BUY KORO NOW!


Each batch of Koro Island Kava is hand-picked, harvested, and shipped to us immediately in small batches. No two batches are the same, making each one exclusive and unique. We source this 100% noble waka kava directly from the island of Koro in Fiji. We select it from plants that are at least 5 years old and have organically grown on the island.


The uniqueness and exclusivity of Koro Island Kava:

 Limited production: Koro Island's remote location means there is not much manpower for growing and harvesting kava. This leads to small, well-managed crops and limited quantities produced.

  1. Koro Island is very remote, so it doesn't have as much pollution and damage to the environment as more crowded places. This helps the kava grown there to be of very good quality.
  2. Traditional Farming Methods: Farmers grow and harvest the kava using traditional methods, which many believe contribute to a superior product. We select only the best and oldest kava plants, which are at least 5 years old, for harvesting.
  3. Freshness: We ship the kava immediately after we harvest and process it, ensuring maximum freshness.
  4. Koro Island's location and growing conditions create a special kavalactone profile for its kava. This gives it its distinct relaxing effects on the body.
The Koro Island Community: Cultivating Excellence


Kava from Koro Island is unique and amazing. It's a special product made in collaboration with the island's community, not just a regular one.

At Art of Kava, we believe in the importance of sustainable, ethical sourcing. We have good relationships with leaders on Koro Island.

This helps us ensure the well-being of the islanders. It also helps us maintain the quality of our work. Our agents work closely together to choose the oldest and best kava roots on the island, ensuring an exceptional product.

To fully appreciate Koro Island Kava, one must understand the lengths to which we go to source it. Koro Island is far from Suva, Fiji's capital city, about 58 miles to the northeast.

Transportation is neither quick nor easy. The journey involves an exhaustive boat ride that can take upwards of six hours one way, depending on the weather conditions.

The remote nature of Koro Island and the time-consuming travel required make this kava exceedingly rare and special. We choose to take every difficult journey as a pilgrimage. The reason behind this choice is the treasure of Koro Island Kava that awaits us at the destination.


A Strong Relationship with the Community


At Art of Kava, we believe in the importance of maintaining strong relationships with the communities we work with. We need a good relationship with Koro Island leaders to get the best kava from the island. It is thanks to this strong partnership that we can bring you this legendary kava.

This relationship is not merely transactional. We actively engage with the community, understanding their needs, and ensuring that our business practices contribute positively to their lives. When you buy Koro Island Kava, you're not just getting a good product, but also helping the Koro Island community.

Koro Island Kava represents the strong and beautiful community of Koro Island. We are happy to share this special kava with you and hope you will enjoy its unique qualities as we do.


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