Heady vs. Heavy Kavas

Heady Vs. Heady Kava: What does that even mean?

You're looking to buy a kava because you heard that it might be able to help you sleep, it may help you relieve anxiety, stress, or is a great social beverage as an alcohol alternative. It can be all that, but it also depends on what kind of kava you get.

You will see kava that's described in reviews as heavy, heady or balanced. You might even see ones that say they lean a certain way but later on, morph into something else. 

Below I'll explain what people mean by these terms and a bit on how to possibly identify them yourself.

First, it's very important to say this because you need to know it. Our bodies can react to kava differently. When a review says a kava might be one way, it might not be enough for you right then. It may very well be a whole lot for you and you easily find out how much kava it takes to get krunked! It's no biggie, just be aware that these variables are a thing and you'll be ready for them. 

Next, below, we'll talk about chemotypes in all 3 types. A chemotype mix will look like this 423651. The farther to the left the chemotype number is (like 4), the higher the percentage it is relative to the ones on the right. When you find a mix you like and see the percentages. You can learn to choose kavas you haven't tried before based on your favorite chemotype mix. It's not completely infallible, so it'll be worth going out of your range to try new ones, but it's a decent start if you haven't tried any of a vendors kava. 

1. Heavy Kava

A heavy kava is sought after by people that are looking for full body relaxation. The perfect heavy kava will melt you into where you are. Make you feel extremely relaxed and can easily make you fall asleep. You will feel heavy kavas more in your body than in your mind. 

If you're studying or out with friends, this kava isn't for you at that time. 

If you've had a tough day, need a bit of help to unwind and you're not going anywhere anytime soon a heavy kava might be perfect for you. 

Kavas that are higher in chemotype 2 and 6 are usually on the heavier side. Chemotype 5 can be an indicator as well. However, a chemotype of 5 that is too high can result in negative effects like nausea. 

2. Heady Kava

If you're looking for a kava that is less of a sedative and more to help loosen you up for social situation, even stimulating, a heady kava might be for you. 

A heady kava would even be great while studying or doing anything creative. 

Heady kavas effect the mind more so than the body likely producing euphoric or uplifting effects. 

Kavas that are higher in chemotype 4 and 3 are more likely to be farther to the left in heady kavas. 

3. Balanced Kava

This kind of kava is as the name implies. Somewhere in between heavy and heady. These kavas are fantastic for beginners, because they tend to not give you too much either on one side or another. 

Most balanced kavas have a different chemotype mix, so it's difficult to pin down an exact chemotype that will constitute as balanced. That said, there might be a ratio between two or a mix of two that will be more telling. 


I'm giving you this information because terminology is the worst. It's fantastic if you know what it means, but getting to that point when you're a beginner can be a bit annoying and kind of a guessing game. I know I had that issue when I first tried kava. When I read kava reviews, I got the general idea, but I needed that solid definition.

So there you go, hopefully you saw this blog post early on in your kava trials and are far beyond I was in my knowledge base at that point. You're well on your way to pinpointing kavas that you would likely enjoy at a glance of the kavalactone percentage and chemotype.

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