How to Make Kava

The Best Ways to Prepare Kava

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Traditional Method: 

The traditional method of kava preparation is usually used to make a larger batch for either yourself over a long period of time or for you and a few of your friends. The prep is interesting and fun to watch and creates a fun atmosphere. 

First you'll need some kind of large bowl. The traditional bowl to use is called a Tanoa. We are working on a vendor to have these in stock or to have available to buy on the site and send directly from the maker. We'll keep you posted!

Otherwise, preferably you'll want to find one that will hold a bit more than 1 gallon of water. If you don't have  huge bowl, I found something that works fantastic. They're called Cambro Food Storage Containers. When I worked in restaurants, we used these for hot and cold liquids as well as dry storage. They're multi use when you're not making kava and can store all your kava stuff inside them very easily. They also don't tip over easily and fit in sinks easily to save the mess. They even come with lids. Got like 20 aluballs? Stick them in there and shake shake shake!

Then you'll need some kind of cheese cloth or a nut milk bag. I highly prefer quality nylon nut milk bags over cheese cloths because you can reuse them over and over. They wash and store easily. Cheesecloths get dry and stiff. You can't get everything out of them usually and if you do it's usually fraying so much you wouldn't want to continue to use it anyway. If you're in a pinch and have them available and old *clean* t-shirt you never plan to use again or clean nylon stockings will also work. The stockings will be a one and done situation as well and the t-shirt will be ruined. 

Warm a gallon of water to about 105F. If you don't have a thermometer near by, that's a bit warmer than body temperature. If you've ever been in a hot tub, you'll know what that feels like. You don't want it any warmer than that as it will degrade the kavalactones and make a weak kava. If it's less warm that's also fine. It doesn't have to be exact. A thermometer would be great to have on hand if you have one near by. 

Get 100 grams or about 3.5oz of the best medium grind kava you can find. 

Put the kava powder in the nut milk bag or wrap it in whatever cloth you decided to use. Fill the bowl or cambro with a gallon of your warm water. Put the wrapped kava in the water and massage it in the water for 10 to 15 minutes. 

Blender Method:

Blenders are great for smaller, personal portions of kava. A blender will effectively micronize your kava powder by attacking it vigorously with its blades over time. This may make more of the kava powder suspend in your liquid of choice, making it a stronger brew.  

Add 4 tablespoons of medium grind kava powder to your blender. Then add 20 ounces of tap or bottled water. It doesn't have to be warm because the blender will warm it. 

Blend for 3 to 4 minutes. If you have a simple blender, I usually blend mine for 3  minutes 40 seconds on medium setting and ending it for 20 seconds on high. I have a Bendtec, so when I use that I usually put it on the whole juice setting 4 times. it takes it through a smattering of low, medium and high blend settings for 40 seconds each. Less than 4 minutes, but it gives great results. These blenders are insane and the company is too! The owner of the company makes these videos, putting crazy things into the blender in their "Will it Blend" series.

Making kava in a blender all the time may wear out some blenders. Wearing out this blender hasn't happened to me yet. Check out them blending this Rake Handle. I get a kick out of that every time I watch it haha.

After your kava is done blending, strain it with a nut milk bag. From there it's ready to drink. I ice mine down before I drink it, but you can also drink it warm. 

Mixer Cup Method:

The mixer cup method is a method that was dreamed (dreamt?) up by one of the awesome folks in the Kavaforums. If you haven't been to the forums, check it out. They're a great bunch of people there and absolute fonts of kava knowledge. 

For the Mixer cup method, you guessed it, you need a Mixer Cup. These things are pretty cool. They're sold as protein shake mixer cups. Some are USB chargeable and you can even charge your phone from it in a pinch. 

Like the blender method, you put 4 tablespoons of kava in the cup. Fill the cup with warm water and put the lid on. Turn it on for 2 to 3 minutes. Strain with your nut milk bag. 

It makes a great cup of kava! Also the mixer cup can be used for other stuff like frothing milk for coffee, making vinaigrettes and other stuff you would need something simple to mix things. 

Stand Mixer Method:

Another one brought to us from an awesome member of the Kavaforums. 

You can use a larger amount of water like you would with traditional prep only you don't have to sit there an knead anything for 10 minutes. The machine does it for you! 

The levels of water here are different from bowl to bowl of your stand mixer. Feel free to adjust the water levels to your liking and so you don't splash everywhere. 

Add 3.5 ounces of medium grind kava powder to your stand mixer bowl. Add enough water to fill, so you can have the mixer going and don't splash everywhere. Also enough to agitate the kava. Start the mixer on low and get up the speed until you feel you can add more water without splashing. Add more water until you reach a level you're comfortable with. Mix for 10 to 15 minutes at that speed. 

Slow the blender to a stop and strain the powder out with a nut bag with the liquid going into a large enough vessel/bowl. It's ready to drink! 

Kava Base Liquids:

Through this entire post, I only mentioned using water as your liquid. That was in the interest of keeping it simple. If you want to make kava taste better or even make kava stronger, you can add other liquids while you're preparing your kava. 

Usually these liquids are fats like coconut milk, almond milk, regular milk or even creamers. Cocoa Pebbles creamer is excellent. 

Subtract 1/5 of water and add in any of these liquids above to add a little something extra to your next kava session. 

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My favorite kava so far

I've been a kava drinker for a decade & daily drinker for the past 3 years. I've tried most strains of the big vendors & have a few favorites.
This is my favorite kava. I went through a pound in record time & made a second, recurring order.

A truly special kava.

I have made kava from many different vendors, different islands, different cultivars. This is hands down one of the more potent and effective kavas, and it has a very smooth and approachable taste which makes it perfect for the Karuna Kava style of brewing.

Dokobana is our favorite!!

We absolutely love the Dokobana waka. It’s so smooth. The feeling is so wonderful after a couple cups. Makes us all happy. I have family get togethers and we all enjoy it. This is our go to blend.

My Order...

I'd love to rate your product. I'd love to try your product. Unfortunately it hasn't arrived yet. It's been at the USPS facility in Florida for 9 days with no delivery date. I'm not mad at y'all, but I'm pissed at USPS. If/when it arrives send me another email and I'll rate it. My first order was amazing, but I dont recall the name and I'm not at home to check. Anyways if it ever gets here I'll give some feedback...

Hey Andrew,
Well this stinks when it happens. I'm sorry you're having to deal with this. It's irritating on our end as well because it doesn't give u a good experience when you just want your kava. Thank you also for realizing that this is a USPS issue and not something we have control over.

That said, we do try to go above and beyond when this stuff does happen.

I have USPS hold music on the phone right now.

I'll file and incident report. If u do this as well its more likely to get someone to look faster for the package. They usually find it pretty quickly if it's outside the business 5 day window because they don't want to file the claim.

If they don't find it within 15 days, you or we can file a claim. That's up to you just let me know. If we file the claim, once the pmt is pending we'll resend the package. If you do it you can reorder anytime and receive the refund yourself for the entire product value plus shipping, not just the shipping.

It's pretty easy and if u need a point in the direction or any help just let me know.

In the mean time I'll chat with USPS to get this rolling. Good news is, they have always found the shipment when this happens.

Thank you for being a great customer.

Temo (solomon islands)

Just tried the temo for the first time.

It's so similar to the temo from BulaKavahouse that I suspect its from the same supplier. It's Fantastic!

Ground root has a very subtle purple hue, texture is pretty fine and powder kind of clumps together a bit.

It brews a pale brown color, lighter than most kava's I've had, and is noticeably very sticky/resinous, leaves a kind of coat on my hands after kneading, and it seems like that's a good sign.

Potency is great, only needed one bowl to really get going with a nice balanced effect, leaning heady.

Started with a great heady euphoria about 20 minutes in, accompanied by a nice light body buzz and no stimulation or anxiety.

Pretty much exactly how I remember Bula's Temo and it's been one of my favorite varieties in recent memory. It's a very good blender, I tried the Kelai recently from ArtofKava and was very impressed, and it's left me thinking that I bet the two of them together would be amazing.

taste isn't too bad, not really spicy or earthy, kind of mild taste. I usually add a little almond milk and it tastes very tolerable, unlike some other kava.

Highly recommend this one, you won't be disappointed!