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From a young age, Zac Holzapfel was introduced to the wonders of nature by his father, David Holzapfel, an avid gardener, farmer, and beekeeper. Although initially indifferent, as he matured, Zac’s fascination with the natural world grew. His stint at Teavana was a turning point where he delved into the world of tea and herbs, absorbing knowledge just as his father did with his beloved hobbies.

Zac's zeal led him to establish Art of Kava and Yum Cha Tea Company, creating a bridge between nature’s tranquil essence and daily modern life. An avid learner, Zac amassed a wealth of knowledge on the potency of herbs and tea, embodying a modern-day herbalist’s ethos.

Outside his leafy ventures, Zac is an active individual with a love for hockey and a dedication to Wing Chun Kung Fu, a practice he has honed since 2010. His newfound love for beekeeping is a nod to his father's influence, while his preference for growing trees and medicinal mushrooms, like lions mane and reishi, highlights his ever-evolving bond with nature.

Alongside his loving wife Nicole, Zac cherishes the whims of adventure. Their love for travel has etched memories in places like Rome, Italy, and Chonqing, China, enriching Zac's global appreciation of nature and culture. Through every leaf, brew, and journey, Zac Holzapfel's life is a lively narrative of returning to nature’s serene embrace while nurturing a community of like-minded enthusiasts.