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Kalah Garcia, a mother to two wonderful daughters, has been their homeschool teacher for 13 years. Her journey towards understanding and advocating for whole wellness commenced when her oldest child, now 16, was just a toddler. To provide optimal care, she delved into homeopathic remedies, complementing the Western medicine they were utilizing. This transitioned naturally from initial efforts to reduce her child's intake of food dyes and processed foods. Over time, she discovered the world of tinctures, herbs, and beneficial teas. As she journeyed further, she uncovered the myriad benefits of various teas and mushrooms, recognizing the crucial role of physical fitness and a balanced diet. Kalah realized many individuals inadvertently harm their bodies, often unknowingly. Driven by a passion to guide them towards health-enhancing methods and practices, she channels her enthusiasm into writing, advocating wellness for all. Kalah aspires to inspire and guide individuals on their quests for optimal health, promoting choices that resonate with the body's natural rhythm.

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