What are healthy things to replace drinking with

What are Healthy Things to Replace Drinking With?

Healthy Alternatives to Alcohol

We are changing our approach to alcohol and the way we drink. People are more health conscious than ever before. The younger generation is leading the way by seeking alcohol alternatives. Some never having had or wanting alcohol at all. 

Keeping this in mind, it is interesting to see delicious alternative drinks to enjoy while out instead of consuming alcohol. This combined with a range of with activities that help you unwind without the need for alcohol to relax, avoiding the next day hangover

Well, What are the Dangers of Drinking too much Alcohol?

Alcoholic beverages are very much a double edge sword. It can affect the body it a lot of ways, most of which are negative, especially when too much is consumed.

When out and being festive, many have found it difficult to be the center of attention at the party without imbibing in a drink of alcohol first. Not wanting to regret it with a hangover the next day. 

For a long time alcohol consumption has been associated with a good time. In the United States, that attitude however is changing fast. People no longer want to use hair of the dog to feel better the next morning. Trading in a glass of red wine for a drinking glass full of the roots of the plant called noble kava

Folks today want to eat healthy foods and eliminate meat products for the good of animals and for their own health. The ready to drink, tea and botanical space is feeling this change as well. People want less sugar, calories, and are even conscious of the ingredients in their drinks. More and more people are reaching for the non alcoholic option of the normal alcoholic drinks. For example, instead of a Alcoholic Seltzer, they'll go for a kombucha, which is fermented but has negligible or no alcohol at all.

We did a deep dive into the effects  of alcohol on your body when you drink too much, become addicted and when you quit alcohol. You can read about that here "What Happens When You Stop Drinking Alcohol" In short, consuming a small amount of alcohol sometimes is generally ok. When a lot is consumed, it can make your heart race, it will impair your judgment, vision and motor skills. It can easily make you sick. May times binge drinking ends up with a trip to jail or the hospital. It's a great choice to tone it down by avoiding it entirely with drinks that do a similar thing, but without a lot of the negative effects.

What are the best alcohol alternatives?


Art of Kava | Kava Root Powder


Kava Root has been made for over a thousand years in the South Pacific to ease tension in ones self and within the community. It has been used in conflict resolution within tribes and between tribes. Today you can buy kava all over the world. Though it hasn't reached the masses via a Superbowl commercial, kava kava is becoming more popular every day. 

People are moving to kava because of its effects that are similar to alcohol but without the addictive properties, loss of decision making processes etc. A night out with kava isn't likely to end in jail or the hospital like it is with alcohol. 

In the south pacific you can even go to what is called a Nakamal. This is essentially what we know as a kava bar. See more about this at the end of this article.

Be mindful to not drink kava with alcohol. The bad effects of alcohol will be much worse when drinking it with traditional kava or tudei kava. Any increased risk of liver toxicity will be found when drinking these two beverages together. If you have or don't have alcohol use disorder, take 24 hours off off of alcohol before drinking kava. That means alcohol free for a day for men and a day for women.

Whether you have a family history of alcoholism or you want to prevent a hangover, the long term effects of kava and its compounds called kavalactones can benefit your life greatly.

You can create a nakamal while you're at home with fresh, high quality kava powder from Art of Kava

 Kava Kava

Karuna Kava | Kava Drink Pouches

If you're looking for a ready to drink alcohol alternative, this is it. It's a traditionally made kava drink in a pouch. Three strong servings of kava kava flavored with real cacao, spices, mint, watermelon and more. If you're searching for a true alcohol alternative with kava kava, this is the best start you can get other than making it for yourself at home. Even then, with Karuna Kava, the pros are doing it for you!

Use code: ROOTED for 10% off your first purchase


Cava drink


Leilo | Kava Drink

 "Leilo Calm in a Can" is their tag line and it makes so much sense because the use kava extract as well as L-Theanine and other calming flavors in their canned Leilo drink. There are lots of kava drinks on this line up! There is a reason for that as kava stimulates GABA receptors much in the same way alcohol does. It doesn't affect other parts of the brain and is a much safer alcohol alternative. 

If you do a quick google search for prosecco calories, you'll find that prosecco has 120 calories per serving. Mimosa calories come in at around 320 calories because one serving of orange juice has about 200 calories. Who has just one mimosa on sunday funday tho? Achieve a similar social anxiety reduction that has great flavor and can be made into a mimosa as well with Leilo. Leilo calories are only 10 calories per serving with 0 sugar. 

You can find the Leilo Kava Drink here on Amazon


Lift Mode | Kanna

Kanna is an succulent herb grown in South Africa. Kannas are known for their strong mood-support and is also known as sceletium tortuosum. It can make a great kratom replacement that is non addictive. It mixes well with kava and cbd to make a trio of calming herbs and extracts to help fight stress. 

 At liftmode.com you can find everything from blue spirulina and kannas to tongkat ali. It's a great place to find very high quality kanna extract supplements. 

Lazarus Naturals | RSO Oil and Hemp Extracts

Here's the backstory on this one. Back in 2008 we had a family tragidy happen. it was bad and I didn't deal with it properly so it messed me up. 2014 rolls around and I'm talking to one of my best friends about how he deals with stress and anxiety. He's had so much anxiety, that it produced Ulcerative Colitis. He mentioned CBD and I told him that I tried a bunch and it never worked. He said, trust me, this has changed my life for the better and my UC is way more manageable. Ok, so I tried it. Part of my problem was rage, about stuff that shouldn't be so much of an issue. I took it and it broke the cycle of emotions and let me deal with the situation thoughtfully. So I started to use this when those things would happen with the mindset that I wanted to create coping mechanisms as well. In 2016 the cycle finally broke and I've changed as a human being. Back to the person I was meant to be. 

So if CBD and other products haven't worked for you in the past, give these guys a try. There are two products I recommend highly.

RSO Oil and Classic High Potency CBD Oil

Find Someone to Talk To

GrowTherapy: A Healthier Alternative to Alcohol for Coping with Life's Challenges

In today's fast-paced world, stress and emotional turmoil are often considered par for the course. For many, the go-to coping mechanism has been alcohol—a temporary escape that offers a fleeting sense of relief. However, the long-term consequences of using alcohol as a coping strategy can be detrimental, both physically and mentally. If you're looking for a healthier, more sustainable way to manage stress and emotional challenges, consider GrowTherapy as an alternative.

Why Choose Therapy Over Alcohol?

Alcohol may offer a quick fix, but it's a solution that often exacerbates the underlying issues. It can impair judgment, contribute to poor physical health, and even lead to addiction. On the other hand, therapy provides a safe space to explore your thoughts and feelings, helping you get to the root of your challenges. It equips you with the tools to manage stress, improve your emotional well-being, and make informed decisions.

The Convenience of Telehealth

One of the barriers to seeking therapy has often been the inconvenience of scheduling and attending in-person sessions. GrowTherapy addresses this issue by offering telehealth services, allowing you to connect with qualified therapists from the comfort of your home. In today's digital age, this feature is not just a luxury but a necessity for many who juggle multiple responsibilities.


Cost is another significant barrier that deters people from seeking professional help. GrowTherapy takes various types of insurance, making therapy more affordable and accessible. This feature is particularly beneficial for those who might otherwise resort to alcohol as a cheaper but far less healthy coping mechanism.

A Mission-Driven Approach

GrowTherapy is not just another telehealth platform; it's a mission-driven organization committed to making mental health care accessible to all. They believe that therapy is an essential part of becoming the best versions of ourselves. It's more than just support through challenges—it's a foundation to grow, heal, and lead lives that are more resilient, empathic, hopeful, and powerful.


Kombucha has that fermented fizz that you're already used to. It's flavored with fruits and herbs. The taste is slightly tart from the vinegar it produces during the process and it's healthy for your gut because of all the probiotics that occur naturally. 

Since kombucha is fermented, you'll want to look for a non alcoholic version. Most are but some contain more than others. It should be very clear on the label and sold separately from all of the rest of the kombuchas. 

Kava Bar - What is a Kava Bar?

 A kava bar is a non alcoholic third place to go instead of other options that pressure you to consume alcohol to have fun.

These bars have kava, cbd, botanical tonics, delta 8 and other beverages. These are designed to give you the same drink experience you would have at a bar, but without any alcohol. 

In the south pacific, these bars are called Nakamals. There, the only thing that is consumed is the kava drink. It can be a hut, maybe with wooden floors, maybe dirt. it's simply a place everyone can go to get together, chat, solve disputes, make new friends and create memories with old ones.

Use the link above to find a kava bar near you.

If you're looking to buy kava in Australia check out the Australia Kava Shop




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