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*Limited Release* Lateral Root | Bir Kar

*Limited Release* Lateral Root | Bir Kar

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Batch: 1

Tasting Notes: Earthy, Spice, Liquorice note, Balanced leaning heavy, Sedation

Bir Kar (Red Kava) is a single cultivar noble variety. A nice deep brown powder. The smell is earthy and that quintessential kava scent. The grind is traditional medium, not fine.

Prep: 32g to 20oz water, blended for 4 minutes, strained and consumed. During blending the kava presented as a deep brown. Earth and spice permiate the air. 

Effects began right away and increase over time.  Immediate stress and anxiety relief. A melt into the couch feeling washes over. Super mellow feeling and sleepiness increased as time went on.

This is a kava to drink when you're not planning to go anywhere for awhile and need to chill. Fantastic for sleep as well. 

Everyone's tolerance is different. Because of reverse tolerance, I may have a faster, lasting experience. We can have different experiences! Please let us know how it worked for you. So if it hasn't worked for you yet, try it again. If you have any questions at all, please reach out on our Instagram or Facebook page.

 About this Kava:

Bir Kar is a very rare kava not found anywhere else in the world but Espiritu Santo. The Bir Kar kava plant is difficult to grow and it is very popular at the local Nakamals. As you can imagine, the locals keep the best for themselves so a lot of it stays on the island. Farmers also reserve this kava for special events and celebrations. No doubt, not just because of the extremely potent effects, but how the effects really loosen the mood, uplifts spirits and entices conversation.

Noble Lateral Root Kava powder, is derived from the smaller roots that extend from the main root-stock. These roots are higher in Kavalactones.

The basil root or stump is the root ball base of the kava plant peeled and cut into chips before pounding. This typically has a different chemotype than the lateral roots, is milder in kavalactons and more creamy in texture. 

Batch 1 CHEMOTYPE: tbd


About the Farmer:

We source this kava from a middleman in Vanuatu. Middlemen Are vital to the supply chain in all of the South Pacific Islands. Many times the best quality kava comes from a community deep in the jungle or on an island that takes 12 hours to get to. These middlemen create relationships with these farmers. The farming communities our vendor sources from tend to not have very much technology at all and live a very different life than we do. Most or all of the income they receive in the year comes from the sale of this kava. We connected with this specific middleman because they have 1. Cultivated relationships with people that provide the absolute best quality kava available in Vanuatu (not even kidding here). 2. They make it a point to pay the farmers a fair price for their kava. Undercutting people doing hard work for a great product is just not in their playbook and we want to be a part of that team. We hope you do too!

Our vendor selects the best kava from farmers in  Central and Southern parts of the island. 


Made as single serving: 50g in 20oz water. Blended for 4 min, strained. 

Made by the gallon: 100 to 130g. 1 gallon of room temperature water in a large bowl, bucket or a traditional tanoa bowl. Add water to the vessel. Add kava to a nut bag or cheese cloth and dip the bag into the water. Massage for about 15 to 20 minutes or until you've reached your desired potency. This will yield a much weaker kava for the purpose of sharing multiple cups with friends in longer sessions. Serve in coconut shells, glasses or store in a gallon jug chilled. Shake jug before serving. 

Note: Add 20% of the gallon of water or 4oz in your single serving of 20oz as coconut milk for a tastier end result.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Michael garcia
Great kava

This kava tasted great. Smooth finish and strong effect.

Todd k
Bir Kar lateral roots

the last kava I had labeled Lateral Root was the temo, and it was extremely potent and just great overall

I went into the Bir Kar lateral root with high expectations.

As I noticed with the temo lateral roots, the bir kar was also a more coarse grind than usual for kava, requiring more effort, squeezing the bag in water, to get the good stuff out.

i tried it the normal way I'd usually do it, kneaded under water for about 10 minutes, or until the powder starts to feel sandy, instead of soapy.

The effects are hard to notice, i guess there's some anxiety relief, it's a little bit relaxing, but almost like it's not even the same thing as the temo, which blowed me away.

i had had an older batch of the regular Bir Kar from here, and i recall it being better than this.

So i put it in the spice grinder, made it finer, and gave it another try the following night.

same thing, very weak, i use a giant ball of kava to get mild effects.

This is saying nothing about the quality of ArtofKava as a vendor. They are easily my favorite source for Kava, and I absolutely adore the temo and kelai in particular, but this bir kar lateral roots disappointed me.

cant win every time. Going to pre-order some kelai right now