Fiji Kava Kadavu 100% Nobel Waka alasio sovita naduva island kava
Kava test taveuni fiji
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Single Cultivar Loa Leka | Taveuni Island Kava Fiji

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Batch: 1

Tasting Notes: Leans Heavy

This kava has a nice deep tan. When you open the bag you will smell a bit of pepper with slight earth. The grind is medium to medium fine but not micronized. Prep: 32g to 20oz water, blended for 4 minutes, strained and consumed. During blending the kava presented as a deep brown.

When we opened the blender there was nice spice scent and a hint of earth. Slight mouth numb and smooth going down. Effects began right away. This is a potent single cultivar. It will numb your cheeks slightly. Immediate stress and anxiety relief. Full effects lasted about 2 hours and increased a bit during that period. Lingering mellow effects lasted just about the rest of the day.

Everyone's tolerance is different. Because of reverse tolerance, I may have a faster, lasting experience. We can have different experiences! Please let us know how it worked for you. So if it hasn't worked for you yet, try it again. If you have any questions at all, please reach out on our Instagram or Facebook page.

 About this Kava:

We sourced this 100% Noble waka kava from the island of Taveuni in Fiji. This high quality noble Kava is selected from the Loa Leka variety of kava plants at least 4 years in age, that have been grown on the island of Taveuni.

The Fijian WAKA (100% Lateral Root) Kava powder, is derived from the smaller roots that extend from the main root-stock. These roots are higher in Kavalactones.

Batch 1 CHEMOTYPE: 462531


About the Farmer:

This kava is grown in the Sapra Family Estate Farm in the beautiful island of Taveuni Fiji. Their 80 acre farm is located at the southern tip of Taveuni, between Ura Bay and the second tallest peak in Fiji, Mt. Uluiqalau. 

The estate has been in the family for over 6 generations, spanning over 135 years. The farm supplies the family with their cash crops, Kava and coconut. They also added a processing facility to make sure all new products are done in house.  Currently the farm supplies processed Noble Kava, Virgin Coconut Oil, Hand made soaps crafted from traditional Fijian herbs + plants  for export to the U.S and also supplies organic honey locally. 

Over 25 years the family has been pioneering and pushing the idea of off grid living and sustainability in Taveuni as a fully functional estate.  

They are using water from a mountain spring, have over 100,000 liters worth of tanks for rain water collection to run our daily operations,  and continually upgrading the solar power systems.  

The Sapra family has always been different in the sense that they follow a matriarchal hierarchy. 

All their operations are run and managed by local women who have minimal formal education but have been trained by the Sapras to have multiple skill sets.  

All the families living with them have dual incomes as well as land on which they can farm on. Housing and land is provided to families free of charge. 

The Sapras provide opportunities for the families in helping to create small income generating projects for their families within their villages of origin.  

 For over 9 years they have been working on transitioning the estate from the typical agricultural practices of clearing forest and using  chemicals to more of an organic and permaculture approach. 

They are doing this by replanting native trees, using or making organic fertilizers, mulching, and a variety of other practices.  The majority of what they make is hand processed with the aid of some modern equipment. 

They have created habitats and ecosystems for native wildlife and have numerous birds, insect, and reptile species which have been returning over the past few years.  

There are parrots which have been hand raised and released back to the wild successfully. They return everyday for a supplemental meal.



Made as single serving: 50g in 20oz water. Blended for 4 min, strained. 

Made by the gallon: 100 to 130g. 1 gallon of room temperature water in a large bowl, bucket or a traditional tanoa bowl. Add water to the vessel. Add kava to a nut bag or cheese cloth and dip the bag into the water. Massage for about 15 to 20 minutes or until you've reached your desired potency. This will yield a much weaker kava for the purpose of sharing multiple cups with friends in longer sessions. Serve in coconut shells, glasses or store in a gallon jug chilled. Shake jug before serving. 

Note: Add 20% of the gallon of water or 4oz in your single serving of 20oz as coconut milk for a tastier end result.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Smooth but Powerful

The effects are pretty top notch and the taste is smooth. I would describe this as balanced but leaning more towards heavy. It starts out a bit uplifting and then is much more relaxing after an hour or so. It's also one of the more interesting kavas i've tasted with a nice smooth smoky flavor. I think this would be my second favorite kava in the current lineup, and I would order it again if it became available regularly.

Locked on the couch

I had to wait for reverse tolerance to go away, but man did it hit me today!! I picked this up for a alternative to anxiety and stress. Feels like a warm blanket on me, pretty heavy with 4 tbsp. For first time with kava I really enjoy it!

Unique kava with pleasant feeling

This kava definitely makes you feel good and more at ease without making you feel like knocking out. I really enjoyed it.

Just sublime for me

Smooth and not starch heavy so its kneading pretty clean for me but still produces a nice milky bowl. Mellow taste and low nausea from 6 shells on an empty stomach. Effects are balanced as can be for me, begins to linger after shell 2 and i find my sessions with this prolonged because of that. Not to shabby.

★ Customer Reviews

What Our Customers Say

26 reviews
Wasn’t what it said it was

Followed directions. Felt lied to. Nothing like description

Bir Kar

I'm really enjoying this kava, as the other review noted, it's pretty balanced, but also potent. It's got a nice mood lift, as well as nice heavy effects. Puts a smile on my face and melts my anxiety away, as well as loosening my muscles and helping me sleep.

The taste of the Bir Kar is a little less appetizing than something like the koro island, but it's all kava, so it's kind of expected that it's not going to taste good.

Highly recommend this one if you're looking for something strong and balanced.

Well rounded kava

Very pleasant, nice n warm mid day to night cap kava. Good stuff

Kadavu Island Kava | Fiji
Ronald Bernander
First time trying Kava

Very impressed, wonderful taste and feel. Strong mouth numbing before a light sense of euphoria and sedation, but you won't lose motor control. I've enjoyed it every time, although the preparation is something to get used to.

Glad youre loving the kadavu! Yeah the prep process is a bit to get used to for sure. You can also make a large batch and freeze it in ice cube trays. They hold 16oz so its great for portioning and the effects dont degrade while frozen.

Nice mild kava

Mild taste and mild, smooth effect. Leaned towards heady but left me tired after a few hours. Good effect all around though not as potent as others I’ve had.

Hey Scott! Thanks for the review! Glad you liked the Dokobana! Yah, the intention of bringing this one on was to have a more mild kava than the more potent ones on the roster.