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Art of Kava

2 Kava Sample Pack

2 Kava Sample Pack

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Our 2 Kava Sample Pack gives you two varieties of kava root.

This Sample Pack gives you the chance to experience the effects of different kava root powder varieties while not spending a lot.

Choose this Pack if you like to experiment and want to try kavas from different Pacific Islands and growers. We list each of our growers bios in the product descriptions. It's our goal to promote these farmers and grow their brand as well as ours.

You choose which two kava's you would like to try. Choices below:

4 oz Koro Island Kava - Fiji: Very smooth and typically our most potent kava. Effects will vary by batch. See product listing for tasting notes

4 oz Taveuni Island Kava - Single Cultivar Loa Leka - Fiji: A very smooth and very potent kava. See product listing for tasting notes

4oz Kadavu Island Kava - Fiji: Smooth, potent and leans heavy. See product listing for tasting notes.

4oz Natewa Bay - Single Cultivar Dokobana: Well balanced, smooth and delicious. Great daytime kava.

 4 oz Bir Kar Single Cultivar Vanuatu Kava: A very smooth and very potent balanced kava. See product listing for tasting notes

4oz Kelai Single Cultivar Vanuatu Kava: Smooth, potent and leans heady. See product listing for tasting notes.

4oz Solomon Island Temotu Purple: Euphoric heavy kava. Great for destressing and antianxiety. See product listing for tasting notes.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Tom Gould

2 Kava Sample Pack

Tom Todd

2 Kava Sample Pack

Jeff Tarola
No Effect

Wanted to try Kava for calming effects and Art of Kava
seemed to be high quality. Found it has no effect on me
even with double dose brewing.

Hey Jeff,

Thanks for giving our kava a try!

If this is your first time with kava there are a few things that will effect your experience.
Kava effects different people differently and some experience reverse tolerance.
Reverse tolerance means that you're more tolerant in the beginning and over time you become less tolerant of the effects.

There are also variables in preparation that can effect your experience. Kava isn't prepared like a tea
And the kavalactones have to be pulled out, etc.

If you would like, please connect with us so we can help me your kava experience much better!
Our email is


Larry Hardee
I'm new to Kava, so I'm no expert, but I like your Kava

It is good, very relaxing, and it gives me some energy too. Thank you for the filter bag, I didn't expect that. Directions were easy to follow.

So happy you're loving your kava! You're very welcome. We want our first order customers to have everything they need to start making kava right away amd it's the least we can do.
Bula from the Art of Kava team!

Eoghan Mc Grory
No more beer for me!

I have been struggling with alcohol for quite some time now. I am now 38 years old and I’ve been drinking since I was 15. For the past 10 years I’ve Been drinking beer pretty much every day. I’m talking 4 to 12 pints a day. In a good week I can pull off a couple of days with no beer. But those couple of days are difficult. I experience a lot of agitation and frustration. My temper is short and I am not present for my family. I’ve been drinking the Kava I received for four days now and I’ve not had a beer. I have not experienced any withdrawal symptoms from the alcohol. What’s more, I have experienced zero hangovers. I’m so happy and excited about this! My wife has commented on how calm and happy I am and how great I’ve been with the children. I feel like myself finally! The first kava I tried was the samoan purple. It provided a surprisingly strong and smooth euphoric feeling. About 30 minutes after drinking all I could think was, I like this more than beer! The second kava I tried was the Vanuatu Kelai. I find I like the smooth drinking experience of this one. While not quit as euphoric as the Samoan purple, the calm feeling seems to last quite a long while (3+ hours). For sure time to order some more! Thank you so much! This is a game changer in my life!!! Want to try a more heavy verity for closer to bed next time…


Oh man, this is such a fantastic story and it hits close to home with me. This is the same reason almost to a T, why o started drinking kava. I'm so glad it's working as well for you as it is for me. It's life changing when your reaction to the every day 'stuff' is softer.

The temotu purple and the kelai are two of my favorites, the temotu being something very special indeed.

Thank you again!

Your friend in kava,

Zac H.
Art of Kava