Fiji Kava Kadavu 100% Nobel Waka
dokobana fiji noble waka single cultivar best reviewed kava
Noble Kava Wainimata Mountains Natewa Bay Fiji
Noble Kava Wainimata Mountains Natewa Bay Fiji
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Dokobana Waka Kava Single Cultivar | Natewa Bay Fiji

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Batch: 1

Tasting Notes: Balanced

Prep: 32g kava in 20ounces of water. Blend for 4 minutes in blender, strain and drink.

The smell of the powder is nutty and clean with a hint of pepper. Nice medium grind and a good color. Cup color looks like milk chocolate hot cocoa. The kava was very smooth.  Slight mouth numb and almost no pepper. Feeling: immediate response. Light face numb. Relaxed feeling but not intoxicated. Functional but like you are covered by a warm blanket. Good social kava. Effect lasted about 2 hours. It provides the smoothness, quality and effects we are looking for to complement our selection.

 About this Kava:

We sourced this 100% Noble  single cultivar waka kava from Natewa Bay in Fiji. This high quality noble Kava is selected from plants at least 5 years in age that have been organically grown.

The Fijian WAKA (100% Lateral Root) Kava powder, is derived from the smaller roots that extend from the main root-stock. These roots are higher in Kavalactones.


Batch 1 CHEMOTYPE: 425361


About the Farmer:

Our kava farmers are the Narayan family. They own a sprawling kava plantation in Natewa bay that consists of 3 separate farms  on the Wainimata Mountains. They traverse a jungle by truck over 2000ft in elevation to the first farm to harvest fresh kava. Their other two locations are not available by vehicle so they have to go on foot 30 minutes to each location with wheel barrows to bring what they need back to the truck at the first farm. This is a very labor intensive project they have taken on , but the Narayan family is intent on being some of the first Fijians to consistently provide single cultivar kavas. 


Made as single serving: 50g in 20oz water. Blended for 4 min, strained. 

Made by the gallon: 100 to 130g. 1 gallon of room temperature water in a large bowl, bucket or a traditional tanoa bowl. Add water to the vessel. Add kava to a nut bag or cheese cloth and dip the bag into the water. Massage for about 15 to 20 minutes or until you've reached your desired potency. This will yield a much weaker kava for the purpose of sharing multiple cups with friends in longer sessions. Serve in coconut shells, glasses or store in a gallon jug chilled. Shake jug before serving. 

Note: Add 20% of the gallon of water or 4oz in your single serving of 20oz as coconut milk for a tastier end result.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Dewey Reed
Dokobana is our favorite!!

We absolutely love the Dokobana waka. It’s so smooth. The feeling is so wonderful after a couple cups. Makes us all happy. I have family get togethers and we all enjoy it. This is our go to blend.

A Very Pleasant Kava

This one is very enjoyable. It isn't for getting crunked, but a great one for a mood lift,as a great way to start a session....

Scott Wareham
Nice mild kava

Mild taste and mild, smooth effect. Leaned towards heady but left me tired after a few hours. Good effect all around though not as potent as others I’ve had.

Hey Scott! Thanks for the review! Glad you liked the Dokobana! Yah, the intention of bringing this one on was to have a more mild kava than the more potent ones on the roster.

cody pfister
Good to go

I bought the Dokobana Waka. Taste great (for kava lol). It has nice mellow effects, good for mood and relaxing without making you sleepy.

★ Customer Reviews

What Our Customers Say

37 reviews
My favorite kava so far

I've been a kava drinker for a decade & daily drinker for the past 3 years. I've tried most strains of the big vendors & have a few favorites.
This is my favorite kava. I went through a pound in record time & made a second, recurring order.

A truly special kava.

I have made kava from many different vendors, different islands, different cultivars. This is hands down one of the more potent and effective kavas, and it has a very smooth and approachable taste which makes it perfect for the Karuna Kava style of brewing.

Dokobana is our favorite!!

We absolutely love the Dokobana waka. It’s so smooth. The feeling is so wonderful after a couple cups. Makes us all happy. I have family get togethers and we all enjoy it. This is our go to blend.

My Order...

I'd love to rate your product. I'd love to try your product. Unfortunately it hasn't arrived yet. It's been at the USPS facility in Florida for 9 days with no delivery date. I'm not mad at y'all, but I'm pissed at USPS. If/when it arrives send me another email and I'll rate it. My first order was amazing, but I dont recall the name and I'm not at home to check. Anyways if it ever gets here I'll give some feedback...

Hey Andrew,
Well this stinks when it happens. I'm sorry you're having to deal with this. It's irritating on our end as well because it doesn't give u a good experience when you just want your kava. Thank you also for realizing that this is a USPS issue and not something we have control over.

That said, we do try to go above and beyond when this stuff does happen.

I have USPS hold music on the phone right now.

I'll file and incident report. If u do this as well its more likely to get someone to look faster for the package. They usually find it pretty quickly if it's outside the business 5 day window because they don't want to file the claim.

If they don't find it within 15 days, you or we can file a claim. That's up to you just let me know. If we file the claim, once the pmt is pending we'll resend the package. If you do it you can reorder anytime and receive the refund yourself for the entire product value plus shipping, not just the shipping.

It's pretty easy and if u need a point in the direction or any help just let me know.

In the mean time I'll chat with USPS to get this rolling. Good news is, they have always found the shipment when this happens.

Thank you for being a great customer.

Temo (solomon islands)

Just tried the temo for the first time.

It's so similar to the temo from BulaKavahouse that I suspect its from the same supplier. It's Fantastic!

Ground root has a very subtle purple hue, texture is pretty fine and powder kind of clumps together a bit.

It brews a pale brown color, lighter than most kava's I've had, and is noticeably very sticky/resinous, leaves a kind of coat on my hands after kneading, and it seems like that's a good sign.

Potency is great, only needed one bowl to really get going with a nice balanced effect, leaning heady.

Started with a great heady euphoria about 20 minutes in, accompanied by a nice light body buzz and no stimulation or anxiety.

Pretty much exactly how I remember Bula's Temo and it's been one of my favorite varieties in recent memory. It's a very good blender, I tried the Kelai recently from ArtofKava and was very impressed, and it's left me thinking that I bet the two of them together would be amazing.

taste isn't too bad, not really spicy or earthy, kind of mild taste. I usually add a little almond milk and it tastes very tolerable, unlike some other kava.

Highly recommend this one, you won't be disappointed!